Pacific Halibut can weigh over 100 pounds on the West Coast and over 400 pounds or more in Alaska. The huge saltwater Halibut are found offshore and go crazy over Fat Boy swim baits because they can hear coming as they lay on the bottom of the ocean waiting for prey. Even at a slow drift, the fat Fat Boy lure is banging from side to side in the water and making significant commotion. This increases your chances of catching halibut because they can detect the bait even when it is not right above them. We have huge 9" lead heads for the big Pacific Halibut and also have smaller 3" and 5" swim baits for the smaller California halibut. The smaller swim baits also slam the petrolia and sand dabs too. The jigs come with hooks as a part of the weight and are fitted through the plastic lure. 6oz to 32oz heads are best for deep water halibut.